Founder and CEO of Elsden training is Meino de Vries. Meino has worked  in the consultancy for many years, developing marketing research, designing and implementing new concepts in the leisure industry. He is in recovery from an alcohol and drug addiction since 2007. His personal recovery led him to the believe to use all of his personal and professional skills for the sake of recovery in his future career.

After the first year of recovery, Meino started studying at the former Hazelden IACTP in Ireland, graduating in Addiction Studies and Addiction Counselling. He holds a BA in Medical SW and did his succesfull research thesis within the Dr. research of Dr. P.(Pim) Stegen at Saxion University. Being fully certified, he combined his counselling as well as his organizational and teaching skills into various functions in treatment centers.

He worked at Castle Craig Hospital and government provided care . During this period he intensively trained counselors. He earned his teaching license for higher vocational/post graduate education. In 2012 preparations were in progress to build a knowledge institute. The first Elsden training started in 2015, Within a year, more than 60 students started their basic training in open training or incompany. Until now, over 1600 students finished their training,