Terms and conditions

Enrollment for a training is confirmed when the invoice is paid at least three weeks prior to the start of the training

We expect students in recovery to be open and honest about their recovery and length of abstince. In the unfortunate case of a relapse we expect them to be responsible and notice us immediately. Elsden staff will decide upon proceeding of the training on a later date.

In case of insufficient numbers af students for a training, a training can be cancelled. A new training will be planned and students will receive information as soon as possible. For the training IACI the minimum numbers of students is six. For advanced trainings the minimum number of students is five. Elsden is entitled to cancel a training untill two weeks prior to the start of a training without reimbursing tuition fees. A student will always be placed in the next training unless this is impossible due to planning or circumstances of the student. In such a case, the student has the right to enroll in a other training later than the first planned training.

Confidentiality is the fundament of our organisation, we offer and expect absolute confidentiality about other students.

Each student has to hand in the all assignments handed out in the training. These will be evaluated by Elsden staff. From all turned in assignments, the lowest score can be 'skipped' (one joker policy). If a students fails at more than one assignment, an extra assignment will be provided. A student has three possibilities to hand in an extra assignment.

IACI is accredited according to higher education (SNRO) 5,4 ECTS 151,4 Sbu. Since this is a condensed training students are aware that this course is not a complete vocational study.